And it's coming early next year!! PLUS it has a 7-second boot time!! Is there any other OS faster than that?? This video below includes a look at Chrome’s short boot time, some of the apps Chrome OS will be able to run, and the operating system’s interface. Google says that if you're a developer, has the right netbook and know-how, you can use their Chrome OS source code and have the OS run in your netbook now. Way cool!

DANG! I was pretty surprised when Google Labs took the beta label off GMail and other popular Google products. But nothing compares to this bomb! After years of speculation, Google finally confirmed they are making their own operating system for computers (netbooks first though). And it's coming soon! Here's what the official Google Blog posted at 9:37pm today:
The operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web. So today, we're announcing a new project that's a natural extension of Google Chrome — the Google Chrome Operating System. It's our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.

Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds. The user interface is minimal to stay out of your way, and most of the user experience takes place on the web.
I'm very, very, very excited about this (as most tech-loving people are) and I just can't wait for 2010! The big question is: will this be FREE (it's open source after all) or will they charge a nominal fee for it? And how will Microsoft react to this? Do I smell a Microsoft versus Google war brewing? YEEHA!!

Then blog about about the contest in your site (like what I’m doing right now) and follow the other steps listed in John Chow’s contest post HERE. No, Mr. JC is not the one giving away the $4000 — the contest is actually sponsored by OnlineRadioStations.com which is owned by Richard Lau, another dot com mogul. So what are you waiting for? Go join the contest! The lucky winner will be drawn today so hurry!

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It's my first to join and if you want to have some fun too, click HERE! =)
1. You’re invited to a get-together with friends, and you’re asked to bring a tasty treat: what are you most likely to bring?
- I'd probably bring chicken pie or pizza =)

2. Considering your answer to the previous question, are you more likely to buy something already prepared, or prepare something from scratch on your own?
- Buy something prepared! Why hassle myself? ;-)

3. Where is the last place you met a close friend for coffee or a meal?
- In a buffet restaurant for our dinner. Hi Chin! ^_^

4. Take the quiz: What Mexican Food Are You?
- Here's my result & I completely agree!!

You Are a Quesadilla
You are easy going and very laid back. You find a lot of happiness in life. You're content to go with the flow, and you can't stand uptight people.

You are a loyal friend and family member. You truly put other people first. You enjoy feeling comforted and comforting others. You believe life is about the simple pleasures.
5. How many local restaurants have some special sentimental significance for you because of time you’ve spent there with family or friends?
- Too many too mention! My family, hubby and I love eating so most local restaurants have sentimental value to me =)

6. If you had a local restaurant that you liked, but that was a hangout for you and a close friend, and that friend moved away, would you find it hard to go back how hard would it be for you to continue going to that restaurant?
- Wouldn't be too hard for me, especially if the food is good. Hehe!

Then you're in luck! KINGSTON just released the first ever 128gb USB flash drive in the wild! =) The Kingston Data Traveler 200 is less than 3 inches long and half an inch thick. It's available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities for a very affordable $120, $213, and $546, respectively. Also, it has a sliding cap and password protection for extra security. The 128GB version is made to order only, and you can place an order through e-tailers or resellers.

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File:Dragonlance Characters around a campfire by Larry Elmore.jpg
Books are listed in chronological order (according to story timeline). Contact me at 09177041028 or just leave a message here ^_^ I'm also open to trade, Labsie and I are avid Dragonlance collectors!
preludes vol 6: tanis the shadow years (no front cover) - P10
meetings sextet:
* vol 2: wanderlust (tas, flint, tanis) - P130
* vol 5: steel & stone (tanis, kitiara) - P130
war of the twins (1986 first printing artwork) - P120
the second generation (children of the heroes of the lance) - P150
dragons of summer flame (chaos war, 600+ pages long) - P180
dragons of a new age trilogy (dragons ruled krynn when the gods left):
* vol 1: dawning of a new age (small tear at upper right cover) - P100
* vol 3: eve of the maelstrom - P120
bertrem's guide to the war of souls vol 2 (short stories) - P130
defenders of magic trilogy vol 1 - night of the eye (with plastic cover) - P120
heroes vol 3: weasel's luck (torn covers) - P10
Other CHEAP books for sale here:

Yup, we've got another hot summer contest here! And the prizes are all Apple products! Now that's seriously H-O-T! You have 3 ways to win (I did two) and there will be 9 winners in all. Contest will end on May 31 so better hurry! Full details of Zac Johnson's latest contest HERE.
Three Ways to Win
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Yen (or Yenny) is one of the very few Pinay bloggers that I read. There's just something about her life that fascinates me =) Anyhoo, she's holding another contest just for the heck of it. It isn't a biggie since she's reserving the big contest when she comes around to doing it. Hehe! These are her contest's prizes:
First Prize - $20 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western Union (Valid Only for the Philippine bloggers), Fashion bracelet, Questions and Answers Post that will be posted in my site. With links to the winners site/s.
Second Prize - $15 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western UnionFashion bracelet.
Third Prize - $10 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western Union
So, how to join? Post something about her contest in your blog and link it to the contest post. The most important part: comment in any of Yen's posts from April 25 to May 31. If you belong in the Top 15 commentators, you'll have a shot in winning the 3 prizes. Go join! ^_^

Yup, this is certainly one biggie contest you shouldn't miss! =) Here's the story: PinayJade turned a year older last March 21 and decided to mark the event with a HUGE contest (click for the mechanics). This contest is special to me coz this is my first time to sponsor a prize. Yesiree! Tightwad me decided to sponsor $10 of cold hard cash, hehe! =) Here are the contest prizes and sponsors:


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If you're exhausted of telling everyone that you've updated your blogs, social profiles and other online what-nots, it's time you get a respite. I've been fooling around with FriendFeed for awhile now and since I joined Twitter and Facebook, it has been very useful to my non-Twitter and non-FB friends. So what does FriendFeed do? It's sort of like your central office where everything you do in certain enrolled websites are listed. Take a look at my feed below (click to enlarge). It listed what I just tweeted in Twitter, what I blogged in yes, it's ME! and my status in Facebook. Awesome huh?? ^_^ But that's not the best thing about FriendFeed -- THIS IS: you can access my FriendFeed without making an account for it!
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By sunnier, I mean yellower. Hehe! I love pink and this blog has been the pinkest of all my blogs -- not at all suited to the making-money-online niche. But hey, it's my blog right?? =) But when I found the perfect pink/yellow Burberry-esque background in ColorLovers.com, I decided it's time to do a makeover for this blog. Nothing big, I didn't even change the Blogcrowds theme that I had for sooo long, hehe! I just tweaked the sidebars, the ads and most importantly, the colors. Here's my old blog look:

Really pink huh?? Hehe! Now that this blog is half-pink, half-yellow -- do you find it better looking? Leave me a comment! =) Oh, yeah, I have to do something with my header picture. With all the yellow, my face looks much, much yellower as if I have a liver problem. Ughh!

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I guess most of you are on Twitter now, mostly for personal reasons and to connect with friends =) Me, I sworn off it coz I have too much online and offline stuff going on. Getting addicted to Twitter (most users attest to its addictive properties!) will definitely be counterproductive to my working mojo. Already there's too many distractions in our PC room =)
Anyway, I finally succumbed to Twitter coz dNeero (the easiest way to earn online! sample conversation below) offered a feature that allows you to earn from Twitter. Niiice! Now there's a "valid" money-making reason for joining Twitter ^_^ Reason #2 is John Chow's latest Twitter contest. Follow him (and Market Leverage) on Twitter and you have a chance to win 1 of 3 Flip Mino HD! Smashing ey?!

Heya guys! Long time no hear from me eh?? So sorry about that but I promise to be better this 2009 =) Already I'm tweaking this blog, trying to make it more web friendly and make it easy for readers to find what they want. If there are broken links, please contact me okay? The renovations will last the entire January as I'm still contemplating if I'll keep this pink theme or not. Hmm..
If you stumbled on my blog looking for ways to earn online, click HERE for a list of sites that pay you to blog and HERE for some freelance ideas. If you're looking for a much easier way to earn money, join dNeero -- answer a survey, post it in your blog and voila! You just earned $$$! =) Anyway here are some good reads I stumbled this week. Enjoy!
Frugal Pinoy: Protecting Yourself Against Layoffs

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