Yup, we've got another hot summer contest here! And the prizes are all Apple products! Now that's seriously H-O-T! You have 3 ways to win (I did two) and there will be 9 winners in all. Contest will end on May 31 so better hurry! Full details of Zac Johnson's latest contest HERE.
Three Ways to Win
1.) Join Motive Interactive and earn within any of the Commission Levels pictured above (click to enlarge) during the month of May. Contest tier prizes only awarded to new Motive affiliates signed up through this blog during May 2009.
2.) Follow and tweet this contest on Twitter! Just “tweet” the following from your Twitter account and you are automatically entered to win a new iPod Shuffle or 8GB iPod Nano.
RT to Win: Follow @motive and @moneyreign to make money and win big prizes! http://xr.com/zjmotive
3.) Blog about this contest promotion on your site. Link back to the contest blog page and talk about this awesome contest and you will be entered to win a new 16GB iPod Nano.


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