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Books are listed in chronological order (according to story timeline). Contact me at 09177041028 or just leave a message here ^_^ I'm also open to trade, Labsie and I are avid Dragonlance collectors!
preludes vol 6: tanis the shadow years (no front cover) - P10
meetings sextet:
* vol 2: wanderlust (tas, flint, tanis) - P130
* vol 5: steel & stone (tanis, kitiara) - P130
war of the twins (1986 first printing artwork) - P120
the second generation (children of the heroes of the lance) - P150
dragons of summer flame (chaos war, 600+ pages long) - P180
dragons of a new age trilogy (dragons ruled krynn when the gods left):
* vol 1: dawning of a new age (small tear at upper right cover) - P100
* vol 3: eve of the maelstrom - P120
bertrem's guide to the war of souls vol 2 (short stories) - P130
defenders of magic trilogy vol 1 - night of the eye (with plastic cover) - P120
heroes vol 3: weasel's luck (torn covers) - P10
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