So sorry for the lack of updates guys! Was busy reviewing for my upcoming board exam (August) and planning our wedding (October). Yeah, two big events within two months of each other!! What was I thinking?? o_O Anyway, head on to my personal blog (yes, it's ME!) for updates of my life. Was too lazy to repost it here. Besides, this is supposed to be a make-money-online blog right?? LOL! Anyway, here are some interesting posts I found while making my very irregular blog rounds:

The University Kid talked about the importance of anonymity in online biz

ROCKFUSE has a tutorial about making your blog load faster 

Joe Tech introduced me to Google's Lively! It's like Second Life =)

Entrecard Blog says you can syndicate your posts to BIG media sites via BlogBurst

Jim Karter Online shared his friend's tactic in earning $$$ via Market Health

That's it for now! And before I forget, it's my 27th birthday today so wish me guys!! ^_^ Oh yeah, expect irregular posts until August 20.. and then I'll be back with a vengeance! Mwahahahah!

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