The past few days, the online community was in uproar coz of the quarterly updating of Google's PageRank. Apparently PR of many blogs and websites went down because they have (or sell) text link ads. Or so the rumors go. During this time, I checked this blog's PR and it went from PR0 to PR3! w00t! As for my other 3 blogs, got great news! Quick Bytes is still at PR2, nice! Tongue Temptations (food blog) is barely a month old and it's now PR1. I'm also getting lots of hits from Google Search, nice! My mobile blog at yes, it's ME remained a PR0. Quite understandable coz it's a personal blog and I didn't get it listed in directories and such =) So, what about your blogs? Were the PRs downgraded or upgraded? If you wanna check your PR the easy way, go to PRchecker.info =)

For updates of my life, you can go to my mobile blog (yes, it's ME!) here. I'm currently in Makati right now with limited access to internet (only dial-up at 56 kbps!!!) so I won't be updating this blog as much as I did previously. My mobile blog, on the other hand, would be updated daily. Not much to do here except take pictures through my SE k800i and blog about it, lol! Later, I would be meeting my highschool friends that I haven't seen in a long while. Can't hardly wait! =)

P.S. MIA = missing in action. I'm not paging for a girl named Mia, lol

What's a gPhone? Well, it's Google's rumored answer to Apple's widely successful iPhone! And I nearly missed it! Thank God All in Anchor had a post about it, thanks guys! =) Anyway, here's a side by side comparison of the upcoming mobile phone war:

All in Anchor is an internet marketing blog and they report that both the iPhone and gPhone..
offer similar features but with one big catch; the gPhone is a fraction of the cost of it’s rival competitor, Apple. Cost is generally the most important stipulation when the public is looking into updating their current technology.
Oooh, let the price war begin! As always, the consumer will be the winner in such wars, yay! =) Anyway if you like articles on search engine optimization, technology and internet marketing, do visit All in Anchor. They have informative and very helpful articles on those topics (and more).

PayPerPost's newest baby -- send your blogs to space! =) Here's their description of their cool new project:
You're probably already aware of Blog in Space. This is a highly sensitive program like none other on Earth, providing bloggers with a medium for transmitting their blogs into space, in hopes of connecting with extraterrestrial beings. Aliens are curious beings, and they can learn more about us Earth inhabitants by reading our blogs. So if you have a really cool blog with a distinct voice, and want to be heard, then visit BloginSpace.com and submit your blog url. (Hey...it's not for everyone!)
I already submitted my blogs and sent a post to the space frontier. Come on and join us share our life with aliens! Ahihihi! =)

Manny Pacquiao wins over Marco Antonio Barrera again! I'm sure Filipinos all over the world are celebrating right now :-) It was a one-sided fight, with Pacman as the aggressor and Barrera just trying to survive, he was nearly knocked out in round 11 though.Ü Sorry for the low quality of this pic, its just a TV screen capture through my SE k800i. Anyway, gonna watch Pacman's funny interviews here so tata for now! And MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!Ü

In my other blog, I posted numerous websites that offer payday loans and cash advance. However, it is only now that I was able to compare which of the websites are better and which websites fit your needs most. And that’s thanks to TrustSource.org, a website that ranks products based on these several measures: sales data and rank, consultations with health care professionals, consultations with users, and customer rankings and reviews of popular payday loans websites. For now, the top three websites are Womens Payday, Additional Earnings, and Maximum Wages Cash Advance. TrustSource.org is not affiliated with the products found in their website, nor do they endorse any of them. Other popular product pages in the TrustSource.org are smoking cessation products and hair loss prevention products. I was pleased to learn that Provillus, which a family member of mine previously used (can’t say who coz it’s like admitting he’s losing hair, lol), is the top product in the hair loss prevention category. Guess it really works! =) Anyway, if you’re buying a product and you’re unsure if it really works, check TrustSource.org first. It’s better to be safe than sorry right? But for medical matters and in buying medicines, going to the doctor is still the gold standard. Okay guys??

...Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So, to all bloggers out there, THINK PINK! =) Our family is lucky coz we have no history of breast cancer (so far). We have breast lumps but histopath results have all revealed benign changes. Other wives, mothers and sisters are not so lucky. The sad thing is that Breast Cancer is preventable and it is curable if caught early. So guys, let's amplify the awareness campaign! Who knows, the life (and breasts) you save might be your own.


Today, I’ll introduce you to Russian brides dating. No, this is not a mail-to-order bride service, lol! But Russians are well-known to wed quickly when they find someone compatible with, even if they haven’t met in real life yet. Thus, online dating with a male Russian often leads to real-life weddings offline. So if you wanna be a bride anytime soon, get to know a male Russian online! Just make sure he’s ready to settle down and not just out to have some fun, hehe! And of course, do avoid Russian dating scams that prey on unsuspecting lovelorn people. If you don’t know how to differentiate between a true dating site and a scam, and between honest daters and scammers, you can search the dating site and add the word “scam”. If something comes out, then the site may really be a scam.

I’ve always said time and again (in my other blog) that in online dating, safety is the foremost consideration. After finding a safe online dating site, you can date to your heart’s content. But before going into a serious relationship, make sure you’re not dating a scammer. You may be in a safe dating site, but it never hurts to search dating scammers first. Have a safe and happy online dating guys! =)

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