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Done with your Christmas shopping already? What? It's still to early shop?? Me thinks NOT! Now is the time to shop if you want to avoid the horde of people doing last-minute Christmas shopping. As for me, I'll be doing my shopping with my boyfriend this coming Saturday. Yeah!!!

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Bankruptcy is one of life’s major events, albeit a bitter one. It does not happen overnight as it slowly becomes a reality as your debts add up. And in the end, mere mortals like us who are not financially savvy are at the mercy of our debtors. If you are deep in debt right now or has a large loan, you might want to use bill consolidation in paying your bills. For those not in the know, bill consolidation involves taking out one large loan to pay a number of smaller, usually high interest, loans. So how would this help someone I debt or those with large loans? Read on…

Bill consolidation allows a debtor to put all debt into one loan, usually with a smaller monthly payment than he/she had with all of the separate loans/debts. Most of the time, the interest rate on the new loan is less than the average interest rate of the old loans/debts. If you noticed, consolidating your debts would allow you to pay a LESSER amount of money in the long run. Plus, the convenience having to do only one payment to cover the multiple former debts is a very attractive component.

There are many different types of bill consolidation. You may borrow from a rich relative who will hopefully charge you lesser interest, you may use your home as a collateral, you may get an unsecured loan, or you can just hire a professional to do all your debt work.. Anyway, there are many bill consolidation guide in the internet so if you’re interested, just search. Who knows, by consolidating your debts and loans, you will solve your financial problems, and put you back on track. You will be debt free the soonest you start taking charge of your financial woes. Good luck and don’t mess with your life the second time, y’hear?? :p

Will update the look of my blog but I'm not changing my template though. Just a bit of tweaks here and there, like changing the main background to a patterned swath (still gonna be pink though! hehe). Will be updating the ads and links also. Watch out for cool ads from advertlets.com -- last time I visited this blog, a trailer of Stephen Chow's new movie was on, COOL! Advertlets totally rocks and they will soon be serving ads from the Philippines. So far they have 150+ Filipino bloggers (they launched in Malaysia and Singapore first where they have more than 10000 bloggers already) and will need 500-1000 to fully launch in our country. So guys, do signup! To sweeten the deal, they have a special bonus for the first 1000 bloggers who have signed up. So GO GO GO! =)

Advertlets, a blog advertising network for Asians, and they have secured blog advertising opportunities from Starbucks, HP, Toyota, EMI Music, Buena Vista Columbia Tristar as well as local magazines, TV networks, petrol stations, mobile content brands, and more. Stable company? You bet!

Proposing to your gf? Then you need to choose among the many diamond engagement rings in the market! As you can see from the photo above (click to enlarge), there are different styles and designs so it would be best if you know your girlfriend's taste when it comes to diamonds and jewelries. As for wedding rings, it's a different story coz your taste will matter here. After all you're going to get matching his and her wedding bands. By the way, the beautiful rings above are from JamesAllen.com -- they got gorgeous pieces there so check them out!

Another week, another fantasy football survey. Hehe! And take note, in the offline football world, only 2 months to go and the current season will end! So go out and show support for your teams =)Read my answers below and do answer the surveys too! Remember, you will earn from it after you post it in your blogs. GO!

I find it funny that there are online slots on the internet now. Awhile back I was blogging about the current popularity of online poker, and now, I'm hearing about virtual slot machines! Talk about life (gambling life, more so) moving online, hehe! Is it a sign of our times?? Anyway, if you want to play slot machines online, you can visit Sloterix, one of the oldest slot sites in the net. A word of warning though, slot machines can be quite addicting as per my one-time experience in Casino Filipino Davao, lol =)

Thanksgiving Dinner
Happy Thanksgiving!

Estimates vary, but an average, traditional Thanksgiving meal is around 3,000 calories!

To put it into perspective, the recommended daily calorie intake for an average-sized adult should be between 1,600 and 2,400.

And in order to burn off 3,000 calories, one would have to walk 30 miles or swim for five hours or run for about four hours. WHEW! So guys, eat in moderation okay?? Live healthy!

Last Sunday night I watched "Pinoy Meets World" in GMA-7 (I'm a certified Kapuso, hehe) and the featured country was Switzerland. I was surprised to learn that Switzerland, small a country it maybe, is actually a melting pot of cultures! In the said show, the hosts shared that languages spoken in different parts of Switzerland vary. If you're in Geneva, expect to talk in French; in Ticino, Italian rules. But for more than 50% of the population, German is the language of choice. And that's what you'll get in Zurich and Bern, its capital city. Anyway, with the mention of German, I began wondering what's up with Germany these days. After it was unified in 1990 (Berlin Wall torn down), I haven't heard any major news from the controversial country.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the most populous. Tourist attractions in Berlin include the Pergamon Museum, Brandenburge Gates (pictured above) and the Schloss Charlottenburg. If you would like to visit the city, accommodation is plentiful as hotels in Berlin number in thousands. If museums and palaces are not your thing, you can go visit Munich. If the city sounds familiar to you, it might because that's where the 1972 Summer Olympics was held which was marred by Palestinian terrorists taking hostage the members of the Israeli Olympic team. Scary huh?? But that's all in the past, no worries now =) Below is the aerial view of Munich's gorgeous OlympiaPark. And hotels in Muenchen (German name of Munich) are gorgeous too. You can take your pick from the old-world classy hotels or trendy new ones

Aside from the places I mentioned above, Germany also offers other tourist attractions like the beautiful Bavarian Alps. If you love music, Leipzig should be your destination, where underground music clubs thud throughout the night. It is also once the home of Bach, Wagner and Mendelssohn. For information about hotels in Deutschland, you can search the internet. If you like more old-world castles and buildings, you can hop from Germany to Austria. Its capital city, Vienna, is home of the breathtaking Schonbrunn palace. The city also has numerous museums like the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum. Wien hotels (Wien is German for Vienna) are also searchable over internet. So if you're planning to go there (and in Germany), don't forget to search first for online travel deals. Bon voyage!

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My boyfriend (and his family) is into tropical or saltwater aquariums. They have this tank with pretty corals and colorful fishes flitting about. They even had "Nemo" one time! NEAT! I've often wondered how they choose the tropical or marine fish to add into the seawater aquarium. Is it just by whim or do they follow a guide? According to my boyfriend, when they started the aquarium, they really had no idea what to do. They just filled the tank with seawater, bought corals and fishes they like, and voila! A marine aquarium! Below is a video clip of their aquarium. Watch the fishes swim about! Cool! =)

Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that fishes must be chosen carefully, i.e. better not to get territorial fishes if you plan to have many fishes in the aquarium so as to prevent fish fights, teehee! The most important thing in maintaining an aquarium, however, is not the type of fishes or corals or aquatic plants you choose. It is a thing called protein skimmer which removes protein and other undesirable stuff from the seawater. This is very important to keep your tank water quality good enough for the fishes. The skimmers are also a much more efficient (and cheaper) way to have clean tank water rather than changing it very often.

1. How long have you been blogging?
About 5 years, on and off. I started blogging summer of 2002 via PITAS.com (now defunct) when I was in HK coz I wanted to share my activities there without using email. You can now only view my first blog via the screenshots I took before it went down. However when I entered med school, I stopped blogging coz of the lack of time. I started back again in 2004 via http://cutieissa.blogspot.com (now http://BestDollarEarners.info) but I stopped there when Globe (yes, the mobile carrier) offered G-blogs where I can blog from my phone. Most of my 2004 and some 2005 posts are in http://g-blogs.com/cutieissa =)

Parang nobela na to ah.. And I'm not finished yet, hehe! In late 2005, I began conceptualizing a food blog coz I noticed the food scene in Davao was blossoming. Finally, in Feb 2006, Tongue Temptations (TT) went live in Friendster Blogs. This is where the original TT was "hosted". It's now in http://TongueTemptations.us ..After I graduated from med school last year and internship this year, I began updating my blogs regularly. I also set up a mobile blog at http://melissasolito.blogspot.com ..For the list of all my other sites, go HERE =) BOW! Human na jud! Hehe

2. What inspired you to start a blog and who are your mentors?
Refer to my answer above for what inspired me. I don't have any mentors, it's all ME!

3. Are you trying to make money online, or just doing it for fun?
I'm a writer at heart and blogging was my means to unleash my creative side without using paper. It was not for fun, it was to feed my soul. When I did my food blog, it was to disseminate info about the latest foodie place in Davao (now, there are many bloggers doing that). It was really never for fun to me, lol! As for money, I stumbled on it after my internship last July. And I'm just glad that I can earn by blogging =)

4. Tell me 3 things you LOVE about being online.
> I get to learn new stuff esp. techie stuff and the latest news
> Got to make new friends =)
> And now, I got to earn as well! What more could I ask for? Yeeha!

5. Tell me 3 things you STRUGGLE within the online world.
> Internet Addiction! --> tama jud ka Che! If wala koy kaagaw sa PC, asa man ko matulog ba! I'll go online forever and ever, hehe
> I notice I can't seem to finish something! I start an article but then I go surf, start another *whatever* again.. repeat.. Going crazy!!! Lol! It's like I have an ADHD/ADD
> I go crazy when there's no internet! Wahh! Think of all the opps & tasks I missed! Then there's my online employers waiting for my articles.. Sigh!

Many of the web’s popular sites these days are the trendy online casinos; whether you like to play online poker, bingo, blackjack, slots, roulette, or craps name it – online casinos have it! Why go to Viva Las Vegas when you can play all you want in online casinos from the comforts of your own home? That is, unless, you want to sit next the high rollers. Hehe! Kidding aside, the only problem in playing online is finding a trustworthy online casino with the best odds for players. According to an online casino reviews website, there are more than 3000 online casinos right now! Can you imagine filtering through 3000 sites just to find the best online casino for you?? Hard work man!

But don’t fret, bet365.com is here to save the day! This website has been around like forever and is definitely a paying site. It comes in 15 languages, and even offer real-life sports betting. They even have this one wallet system so that you can enjoy the benefits of all their services through one manageable account. Now, you can start playing without worrying if this (or that) online casino really pays. Just remember, only lose what you can afford! As all gamblers know, gambling can be quite addicting. Hehe! So drink, ermm, play moderately you hear??

And this is courtesy of the Cherry Rose, thanks so much sis! =)
I'm now passing this to Pia, Sophia (Happy birthday Sof!) and Grace. Keep on blogging guys!

Then you should get your underlings Employee Benefit Packages. Studies have shown that when you offer insurance to your employees, it will help your company keep them. Also, when you’re looking for employees, you will attract high-quality ones coz skilled and educated employees will seek out employment opportunities that provide them with the best benefits. With your group insurance, your employees can have their own insurance without having to pay the same high prices they would have to pay if they were to purchase it on their own. Thus, they save money on insurance premium. I’m sure they’d appreciate that very much, and you’ll go down as a GOOD boss with a golden heart!

Corporate Insurance Plans for employers is not only for business employers. If you lead a group, an organization, or a union, you can buy coverage polices for your members. And it’s actually quite easy to do this. Choose the insurance company you want to work with, sign up with them, and a representative of the company will sign each of your members or employees up within the plan. Then you can pay the premiums with the funds in the group’s account. Or have your members pay the monthly premiums. Simple! And your underlings will have to thank you for this wonderful gift.

And that means it's time to decorate! And yes, that includes your office desk. But don't fret, it doesn't need to be real classy or whatever. A lil Christmas icon like the one below will do. Presenting --

-- the fantastic USB Christmas Tree! Just plug into your laptop or PC and it will turn your drab office desk into a Christmas wonderland! Or so you wish, hehe! =) Once plugged, "the tips of the branches glisten with a bright blue shimmer. The sparkling little lights have a soothing, almost hypnotic effect and will make anyone who passes by get into the festive spirit." LOL! Go grab one at Gizoo for only $6.95! And no, this isn't a sponsored post Google! :p

Time for money talk again guys! I’m sure many of you are waiting for another money tip to tuck away until in times of need, hehe! This time, we’ll talk about payday loans. We all know there are times when our budget is thrown off balance by some unexpected expenditure. I’m sure even people who really budget their salaries faithfully experience these trying times. Coz sometimes, life really throws us some curveballs, and the budget allocation that was carefully planned lay in ruins. It might be an unanticipated bill or perhaps a sudden hospitalization – then poof! Next thing you knew, your money’s gone and the next payday is days away yet. What to do?? This is where Payday Loan Quotes come in. No, they’re not a lending company. Rather, they’re a resource company that will guide in finding online cash advance.

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With all the Google PageRank downgrades, newbie bloggers like me are quite confused on how to measure my blog's worth now. But I stumbled on TrustRank recently and I had this site "analyzed" and the results? Check the photo above! One thing that bothers me however is I can't find TrustRank anymore. Search it in Google and all you'll get is a Wikipedia entry. What happened?? And there are also whispers that TrustRank is still by Google! Hmm..

Then you should check out CarsBlvd.com first! This website is a car comparison site that lets consumers compare prices on vehicles. That way, you can easily see what car you can afford given the specifications that you want. For example, you like several Honda Cars, but I’m sure you cannot afford all of them (lol). Best thing you can do? Check the Honda Car Prices, and voila! A Honda car you can afford is presented =) Anyway, CarsBlvd.com is also good for getting Honda Car Quotes. The site lets you compare quotes below wholesale prices by letting dealers compete for your business. Nice! And the best thing? This is comparison service is FREE!

If you're a netizen, I'm sure you've heard of Ron Paul by now. He espouses personal freedom as if the world depended on it. And it does, to a limit of course. And before I get into catfights here, let me just say, that's just my opinion and I will never impose it on you guys. Hehe! Anyhoo, here's a survey about Ron Paul, and whether you believe in his or not. Have fun! =)

I’m very fond of watching travel documentaries and one show that truly stuck me was the one about Italy. In the memorable show, the host traveled to Florence, Italy -– home of the magnificent Duomo Cathedral pictured below (left). Aside from this, Florence is also popular for having Michaelangelo’s David and the Uffizi museum which has one of the largest collections of Renaissance art in the world. Restaurants and Hotel Florence are dime a dozen, and can be seen in every street corner so food and accommodation isn’t a problem =)

Florence_duomo Vatican
If Florence is known for its rich Renaissance art and structures, Naples is famous coz of its gastronomic delights and Mt. Vesuvius. You know, the mountain that erupted and destroyed Pompeii. As for food, who haven’t heard of Neapolitan pizza?? Hehe! I just bet that pizza is sold in every eatery and Hotel Naples! =) And last, but not the least place to visit in Italy, we have Rome. It is the capital city of Italy and contains the smallest nation of the world, Vatican City (see St. Peter’s Square below). As with all places in Italy, Rome has several wondrous structures built from the past. Its architecture includes styles from Ancient Rome, from Baroque and Renaissance periods, Neoclassicism and Fascist era. Government buildings and even Hotel Rome are architectural marvels!

A male cousin (hi Manong Oy!) just announced that he’s gonna wed his longtime sweetheart from our hometown next year. We are all excited about it coz this is the Tan family’s first wedding that’s going to take place in Kidapawan, our hometown. Manong Oy’s elder brother got married last year but it was in the hometown of the bride so most of the Tan family members weren’t able to attend. This is gonna be a one BIG leap of faith for them so Manong, God bless and here's to a blissful married life! =)

Found another site where MAC users are loved! Umm, “love” maybe too strong a word to use but I feel that’s what the webmaster has put into this website. I’m talking about Mac Poker Online –- “Exclusive provider of information regarding online poker and casino games for Macintosh, saving Mac users hours of time.” The site lists the best online poker sites to play poker for Mac. You can play for free or for real at the sites listed, and you can be sure they are of good reputation. Here’s a screenshot of the site:

Aside from listing Mac-friendly poker sites, Mac Poker Online also has the latest news in the world of poker and Mac. The site has a forum where you can interact with other Mac poker players, and it has a page full of poker bonuses! w00t! There are also poker resources like strategy tips for playing and basic poker rules. If you poker, and of you use a Mac, you will surely love Mac Poker Online! It has everything you can possibly ever need. Go check the site out guys! =)

Hi guys! Found another way to earn money online -- by taking surveys and posting it in your blog! I find the "posting" part a COOL twist. Superb idea dNeero! =) Anyway, below is the first survey I answered. I earned $0.95 for it, easy money guys! If you want to join me, click HERE. Happy earning!

If there is one city in the whole wide world I would really, really LOVE to visit, it would be Amsterdam in the Netherlands! Why? Man, because it is literally the land of the FREE! They have very lax rules on drugs, prostitution, and what-nots. And yet, the place is very peaceful. It seems that with all the freedom they have, the Dutch even became more responsible with their lives. So great! And in case you haven’t heard, Cannabis and prostitution is LEGAL in Amsterdam. Yup, you heard me right, LEGAL! Hehe! The photo below is from Amsterdam’s red-light district known as de Wallen.

The de Wallen is a network of alleys containing several hundred tiny one-room apartments rented by female prostitutes (and some ladyboys) who offer their services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights. Cool huh?? But if you’d rather go on wholesome trips, you can visit the museum dedicated to Anne Frank. You know, the lil Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding with her family during the German occupation in a secret apartment annex. Also, there are a lot of museums in Amsterdam, the famous of which is the Rijksmuseum pictured below.

Other major museums are the Stedelijk Museum, the Rembrandt House Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum, which houses the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings and drawings in the world. So great!!! Amsterdam is truly one amazing city – satisfy your body, feed your brain, relax your soul – all in one exciting swoop! As for places to stay, no worries. Amsterdam has lots of affordable hostels up to luxurious 5-star hotels, all yours for the taking. So what d’you say? Wanna go for a wild ride in Amsterdam with me? ;-p

More than a month ago, I blogged about the renaming of PayPerPost (PPP) here. PPP is a get-paid-to blog website which has over 80,000 bloggers and 11,000 advertisers now. Ted Murphy, the CEO of PPP posted here that there will be a lot of changes in PPP's system thus the need to rename. And finally, the cat's out in the bag! PPP will be officially part of IZEA.com and will become IZEA.com after the alpha and beta testing are done. Colleen, the top earner in PPP, got the scoop here. Below is a super cool screenshot of IZEA.com =) Love it Ted! And for those not yet into PPP, you can sign up here. I already earned about $450 from them since late August. Sweet!

Lately, I've been blogging using my dad's wifi-ready laptop in the bar of our house near the dining room. The lighting here (yes, I'm typing here right now) is dim at best, coming from light fixtures in the divider wall. I don't wanna turn on the dining room's chandeliers coz it has many bulbs, ergo more energy consumption and I really don't need that much light anyway. I really don’t mind the dim light but when I spend more than 3 hours in front of the laptop in this condition, I easily suffer from eye fatigue =(

And so I realized that something's off with the execution of our home lighting system. I felt that each house area should have its own light, independent of all the other lights in the nearby house areas. Guess I should lobby my parents harder for the fancy hanging bar lights that I’ve been hankering for! That way I'd be blogging my way in a bar-esque atmosphere, lol! The only thing missing is a margarita. Wanna make me one? =)

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