My boyfriend (and his family) is into tropical or saltwater aquariums. They have this tank with pretty corals and colorful fishes flitting about. They even had "Nemo" one time! NEAT! I've often wondered how they choose the tropical or marine fish to add into the seawater aquarium. Is it just by whim or do they follow a guide? According to my boyfriend, when they started the aquarium, they really had no idea what to do. They just filled the tank with seawater, bought corals and fishes they like, and voila! A marine aquarium! Below is a video clip of their aquarium. Watch the fishes swim about! Cool! =)

Unfortunately, they learned the hard way that fishes must be chosen carefully, i.e. better not to get territorial fishes if you plan to have many fishes in the aquarium so as to prevent fish fights, teehee! The most important thing in maintaining an aquarium, however, is not the type of fishes or corals or aquatic plants you choose. It is a thing called protein skimmer which removes protein and other undesirable stuff from the seawater. This is very important to keep your tank water quality good enough for the fishes. The skimmers are also a much more efficient (and cheaper) way to have clean tank water rather than changing it very often.


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