Lately, I've been blogging using my dad's wifi-ready laptop in the bar of our house near the dining room. The lighting here (yes, I'm typing here right now) is dim at best, coming from light fixtures in the divider wall. I don't wanna turn on the dining room's chandeliers coz it has many bulbs, ergo more energy consumption and I really don't need that much light anyway. I really don’t mind the dim light but when I spend more than 3 hours in front of the laptop in this condition, I easily suffer from eye fatigue =(

And so I realized that something's off with the execution of our home lighting system. I felt that each house area should have its own light, independent of all the other lights in the nearby house areas. Guess I should lobby my parents harder for the fancy hanging bar lights that I’ve been hankering for! That way I'd be blogging my way in a bar-esque atmosphere, lol! The only thing missing is a margarita. Wanna make me one? =)


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