Will update the look of my blog but I'm not changing my template though. Just a bit of tweaks here and there, like changing the main background to a patterned swath (still gonna be pink though! hehe). Will be updating the ads and links also. Watch out for cool ads from advertlets.com -- last time I visited this blog, a trailer of Stephen Chow's new movie was on, COOL! Advertlets totally rocks and they will soon be serving ads from the Philippines. So far they have 150+ Filipino bloggers (they launched in Malaysia and Singapore first where they have more than 10000 bloggers already) and will need 500-1000 to fully launch in our country. So guys, do signup! To sweeten the deal, they have a special bonus for the first 1000 bloggers who have signed up. So GO GO GO! =)

Advertlets, a blog advertising network for Asians, and they have secured blog advertising opportunities from Starbucks, HP, Toyota, EMI Music, Buena Vista Columbia Tristar as well as local magazines, TV networks, petrol stations, mobile content brands, and more. Stable company? You bet!


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