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If you want more Firefox themes, Smashing Magazines has a great list HERE.

And if you help sell their funny moneymaking blog, you'll get a cut! How awesome is that?? =) If you're not familiar with JohnCow.com, it's parody of the famous and high-earning JohnChow.com blog. In fairness, the author/s are really good and I learned a lot of stuff about internet, SEO, online moneymaking stuff from them. Here's what the Cow has to say --

We encourage everyone to spread the word about the sale. If we find the right buyer, and he found us through you, we’ll give you 5% commission on the sales price. Might not sound as a whole lot, but currently we’ve listed the site on sitepoint for a minimum of 25K and a BIN of 50K. If you could sell the blog for us at either one of those numbers, you’d be getting a minimum of $1,250 or a maximum of $2,500 cold hard cash from us. Anyway, here’s the details we’ve put on the sitepoint auction.
JohnCow.com's amazing stats:
* PageRank 3
* Alexa 22,100
* Compete 41,020
* Technorati 1696, Authority 1457
* 382 Posts
* 47,412 Backlinks (Yahoo!)
* 2,830 indexed pages (Google)
* Average of 40K uniques per month (without social media)

What's dNeero? In the simplest terms, you answer a survey -> post it in your blog -> you earn! Easy huh?? =) And once your earnings reach $20, you get paid via Paypal. This is one of my easiest source of income. I don't need to write blog posts or whatever. Just answer the survey and post it. If you're interested, go sign up by clicking my answered survey above. Happy earning! ^_^

PLEASE PASS GUYS!!! This might be the opportunity somebody's waiting for! Original post HERE (posted April 8).

Rapid Prototyper
Analytics Engineer
Software Engineer
User Interface Software Engineer

We're hiring
Tuesday, April 08, 2008 1:35 PM
Posted by Keith Coleman, Product Manager

Despite our best efforts, Gmail doesn't yet build itself. So we're looking for good people to keep making it better and better. It's fun and rewarding to work on a product that you, your friends, other people you know (and tens of millions of people someone else knows) use all the time. And if that's something you want to do, now you can learn more about what goes on behind the scenes and apply on our new hiring page.

It's hard to do on a static web page, but we wanted to give you a sense of what it's like to work on the team. Gmail was one of Google's first experimental forays outside of search, so boundary-pushing is part of our nature. We've developed new storage systems (Google never stored large amounts of user data before), new anti-spam systems (using machine learning technologies developed for search), and a new fast, modular, reusable Javascript architecture (Google never ran an AJAX app of this scale before). We try to push product boundaries, too, with lots of storage, integrated chat, and free IMAP -- stuff that just makes things better for users, even if it means an untraditional approach to business. And one of the best parts is that when you go out, people you actually know say, "Hey, I used [that thing you built]. It's cool." (And then they ask you why Gmail doesn't have folders.)Much more is in the works, and we're looking for help, so check out our jobs page and send in your resume.

What's better than the ultra-slim and oh-so sexy MacBook Air? A pink one!!! I'm sure you saw this post coming, hehe! For those interested in personalizing the color and design of their laptops, PCs, handhelds, consoles, etc -- go to ColorWare and customize your machine to your heart's desire =)

Where I've been? Well, I traveled for the last two weeks of March and got busy preparing for my marriage early this week. Read my travel diaries HERE and about my wedding preps HERE. Meanwhile, read what's the latest in the world below =)

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