And if you help sell their funny moneymaking blog, you'll get a cut! How awesome is that?? =) If you're not familiar with JohnCow.com, it's parody of the famous and high-earning JohnChow.com blog. In fairness, the author/s are really good and I learned a lot of stuff about internet, SEO, online moneymaking stuff from them. Here's what the Cow has to say --

We encourage everyone to spread the word about the sale. If we find the right buyer, and he found us through you, we’ll give you 5% commission on the sales price. Might not sound as a whole lot, but currently we’ve listed the site on sitepoint for a minimum of 25K and a BIN of 50K. If you could sell the blog for us at either one of those numbers, you’d be getting a minimum of $1,250 or a maximum of $2,500 cold hard cash from us. Anyway, here’s the details we’ve put on the sitepoint auction.
JohnCow.com's amazing stats:
* PageRank 3
* Alexa 22,100
* Compete 41,020
* Technorati 1696, Authority 1457
* 382 Posts
* 47,412 Backlinks (Yahoo!)
* 2,830 indexed pages (Google)
* Average of 40K uniques per month (without social media)


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