Hi guys! Earning a lot lately? LOL! Me? My bread and butter is still my freelance work doing celebrity articles. If you wanna show support, go to these sites: OnlyJessica and OnlyJolie. I'm sure pictures of 2 sexy and gorgeous stars (Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie) would make you smile! =) Please leave comments on how to improve the sites ok? Thanks!

On other news, I'm not involved in PTC/PTR sites only. I also use paid-to-search programs, the best of which is SlashMySearch. Aside from the usual searching, the site also offers to search Amazon and eBay. In fact, they have this special feature that allows you to search listings that have wrong spelling. Here's their statement:

With an eBay Typo search, enter you correctly spelled query, select eBay Typo from the search type selection menu and Slash My Search will automatically generate common misspellings, ommissions and other mistakes that a listing might appear under and seamlessly take you to eBay. Correctly spelled listings will be filtered out.

Above is a screenshot of their site. But if I were you, go to their site and experience a precise and accurate search unlike any other! And no, this is not a sponsored post. When I use a great product, I promote them -- with or without pay =) And oh yeah, they pay you for each search you do (and your referrals) AND they have a free email to boot! Try their search and you won't regret it, promise! =)

P.S. I'm 3 weeks into earning money online and so far my net income is nearly $50. Within this week, I will evaluate all the sites I joined and will drop sites that require so much time before earning. Watch out for it!

I just updated my blog with a note that this is best-viewed in Mozilla Firefox. No matter what I do, my blog doesn't appear as good as in the Internet Explorer. Sigh.. So if you don't use Firefox yet, go download the latest version with the Google toolbar. Just click on the banner above. Thanks! You won't regret it, promise! =)

You can payout anytime with these sites. They also accept international members and can pay via e-gold for those countries that don't have paypal. This is arranged in order of the sites where I earned easiest.

Most ads are $0.001 to $0.0001, cheap huh? BUT they more than make up for it with 19 pages of signup offers! This is where I earned most. Was able to payout after 4 hours, yeah! Payout anytime you want, hehe

Just like Jill's Click Corner but with lesser signup offers (but still more than other sites). Daily payout coz there's no minimum! =)

Lots of signup and search offers for US, Canada, etc but only 4 signup stuff for international members. LOL! But the PTC ads are higher priced than usual PTR sites. Payouts are every 15th and 30th, no minimum

The PTC ads are all 1 point! No $$$ in clicking ads but the emails are a different thing. U can easily earn if u read emails every day. There was even 1 email that had 4 links with each link earning u $0.001, nice! =) And there are many signup offers too

Get custom programming done at GetAFreelancer.com!

Hi guys! I'm back! Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a very hectic birthday week for me. Yep, you read it right, your webmistress just celebrated her 26th birthday last week =) Also, we celebrated my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother's birthdays. That kept me and my family very busy starting last July 14 until today, July 22. It was hectic but I enjoyed every moment we spent with our relatives. And I shouldn't forget the food, migod, there were so much of it that I think I added 2kgs to my weight. Kidding! Hehe! Anyway if you're interested about my personal life, you can go and read it here: Tongue Temptations! That is, when I get around to update it. Hehe!

And so, we come to my best bday gift ever! Any guess as to what it might be? Nope, sadly not a nintendo wii. Hehe! The best gift I received was an online job from GAF! GAF or GetAFreelancer.com is unlike other freelance portals in that they don't ask for a membership fee for you to bid on jobs. It's truly and absolutely FREE to join and get jobs! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you would have noted the GAF banner above and the RSS feed of the latest jobs in GAF on the upper right side of the blog. Anyway, the job I got was to write 25 celebrity articles for $40 (my bid) in 3 days. Luckily for me, the "buyer" loved my articles and contracted me to further write 150-word articles everyday for $30/month. Great huh?? As I said, it's my best bday gift ever =) Here's a pix of the e-gold payment from the "buyer" for my articles:

What are you waiting for? Go to GAF now and earn extra money! =) And if you like to leave me a lil bday present to sweeten my life more, click here. Or you could click the google ads in my blog for my AdSense account to earn. Thanks guys! Mwahh!

This is just a brief post and definitely out-of-topic =) Most of you already know I'm from Philippine Science High School - Southern Mindanao Campus and I've told countless stories of our unique experiences and heavy curriculum (college-level) there. Pisay has been one of the most memorable part of my life (though my UP college life is still the best, hehe) and now, there's a movie about it! Sa Pisay Diliman nga lang ang setting. This is directed by Auraeus Solito (NO relation to me, I think!) who made the critically-acclaimed Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros. Direk is from Pisay Diliman Batch86. However he movie's setting is not during his time but amidst the chaos of Martial Law in the early 1980s. The story revolves around eight teenagers in Pisay as discover themselves and go through the joys and pains of adolescence. Even if you're not from Pisay, you can easily identify with the highschool scenarios and adolescent boo-boos, hehe! Here's the fun trailer:

I joined a great forum (GetPaidForum) for people who are in the get-to-paid (GPT) online industry, and to my surprise (not! hehe), there were lots of Filipinos there. Someone even posted a topic as to what sites are available for residents of the Philippines coz more often than not, the sites accept only US, UK, NZ or Australian residents. One member (hi sofie!) asked for tips on how to earn fast. Well, as what I said to her, PTC/PTR sites are not get-rich-quick schemes. You have to patient for your pennies and cents to add up. Anyway I also shared with her the Filipino-friendly sites (or sites with "international members accepted" note) I've come across with. But before we come to that, let me share "my requirements" for joining a particular site --
1. of course, the "international members accepted" note =)
2. will pay via e-gold or moneybookers (paypal doesnt receive payment for accounts from the Philippines) OR will send cheque
3. NO minimum payout is very attractive but I also accept sites with low payout level like $0.5

Here are 3 new sites I recently joined which are Filipino-friendly. I hope you're reading this Sofie, this one's for you! =)
As the site's name suggests: No-Minimum! Yey! Lots of ads, there are also games, and there is a paid-to-promote scheme worth $0.65 per 1000 credits. Good enough! =)
Advertise your web site
This site is unique (HTMail) coz you dont have to click anything. What you do is give out your email (if you're afraid of spam, give your spare email) to join in their mailing list and you are sent emails from advertisers. When you click on any url within the email you are taken to an HTMail forwarding page which automatically pops up a feedback/code return page, and then forwards you to the advertisers page. Please return the feedback page to ensure that you are credited. Interested to join?
EmailCashPro is almost the same as HTMail but focused in Asia. This is one of my BEST finds ever! Not in terms of income but coz of the special bonus it came with. If u wanna know what is it, just check their site out.

You Are Bart Simpson

Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as "trouble."

Little do they know that you're wise and well accomplished beyond your years.

You will be remembered for: starring in your own TV show and saving the town from a comet

Your life philosophy: "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!"

Finally my list of the sites where I earn dollars! =) The colored ones with *** are the best and is highly recommended by me. I easily earned from these sites and have been paid already, most notably from ClixnCash. But all the sites I listed are really worthy of your time that's why I'm sharing these with you guys. I mean, who doesn't like to earn while surfing the internet, right?? Hehe! Happy browsing guys and hope you join! =)
PTC/PTR sites
1. AngelPTC - min payout: $0.5-0.8
2. MegaBuxxClicks - just like ClixnCash but min payout is $0.5
3. OceanPTR!!! love this site =) ***
4. ClixnCash - paid me everyday! min payout: $0.1 ***
5. YourCashClicks - emails & ads are $0.01-0.5, wow! but payout is $5 :p
6. DonkeyMails - need I say more?? ***
7. MatrixMails - since 2002; tough site!
8. AdBux - very popular; all ads $0.1 (3 ads/day) but payout is $10, sheesh
9. ClixSense - another oldie but goodie site! =) ***
10. AdverCash - like AdBux but newer with lower payout & more ads ***
11. E-mailPaysU - another jurassic site with proven record
OTHER paying sites
1. Marketing Pond -- will increase your referrals in 20 different PTC/PTR & other paying sites (!!!) = more money!
2. Marketing Pond Site List -- choose the earn-dollar site u wanna join
3. SurveySavvy!!! love this site =) ***
4. AGLOCO -- get paid to SURF!
5. PayPerPost -- get paid by BLOGGING! ***
6. MyLot -- get paid to POST in forums! ***
7. WorldInvestmentAlliance - this is where I plan to invest my e-gold earnings; min investment is $1, nice!
8. E-gold Account - u need this so you'll receive your earnings; u may use paypal (cant receive payments in Philippines, grrr) or moneybookers

ADvercash is like ADbux (see post near the end) where incomes of your referrals is 100% given back to you. Like if they click a $0.01 ad, u get that amount too and so will they. Nobody loses! Great huh?? Come on and join!

ClixSense is one of the oldest and most profitable get-paid-to site around. They've built their company slowly until it gained respectability and is now featured in business TV shows! They pay a lot, pay on time and has 529 ads for premium members! WOW!!


As you've noticed most of my dollar earning stunts are paid-to-click (PTC) and paid-to-read (PTR) sites. I also have paid-to-surf (like Agloco), paid-to-post (MyLot, PPP), and paid to do surveys. In this, the best for us living in the Philippines is Survey Savvy. Before you are given paid surveys, you must complete your portrait first. A lot of work but it's all worth it. Give it a try and earn up to $25 a day! I'm not kidding so join now! =)

And it's courtesy of ClixnCash as I previously posted =) The screenshot of my payment history in e-gold is below. Just click it to enlarge. My total money is just half a dollar (in only 3 days!) but all I need (so far) is $1 to be able to invest in forex trading coz I wanna see if it works. Can't wait! =) If you wanna help me reach my $1, you can signup with ClixnCash (or all the other PTC sites I've signed up; see my posts below) so I'll earn from you as my referrals. Or you can just click the PTC banners; I'll also earn from it. Thanks guys! =)

www.worldinvestmentalliance.com *****

Actually I'm a latecomer to this internet phenomenon but I had doubts they will be able to release their viewbar which is crucial to their business so I purposely shied away. While the founding members were gaining new recruits or referrals under them (thus increasing their earnings later), I had been content to wait for the viewbar's launch. Three weeks ago the viewbar was finally released! Yay! So I immediately signed up and thru the viewbar (which is installed in my pc), I had been accumulating hours surfing the internet =) The question now is when will I get paid for this?? The answer is here, in their official blog. This is not a get-rich scheme but a community of internet users who'll finally be allowed to share in the advertising revenues. Nice huh? In fact, AGLOCO means A GLObal COmmunity that is owned by its members =) So come on, let's JOIN in the fun!

And it's courtesy of ClixnCash! =) Though it's only for $0.16, it's worth it coz I really did nothing special but just click their ads while I still surfed my favorite websites. Many of you are wondering why I am trying to earn $$$ -- it's because I'm on the internet for 6-8hrs a day and I might as well earn from it! Right?? Of course, I wouldn't trade my being a doctor (underboard pa nga lang) for this but I have 6+ months to go before I tale the medical board exam. So, again, I might as well earn right?? Hehe! From the comforts of my home pa, with basically no effort on my part =) Anyway here's the screenshot of my earnings which I had sent to e-gold coz there's no paypal (ie cannot withdraw) here in the Philippines --
So what are u waiting for?? Join me here! =)

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout
This is the BEST site according to several users and PTC sites I've read. Here's more info:

FREE Membership
No minimum E-gold Payout!
Low $1 Paypal and Alertpay Payout
Earn extra money playing games
High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!
Earn Reading Our eMails
Get Paid for Clicking on ads
Get Paid for sign-ups
Complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money
Payouts through E-gold, Paypal and Alertpay
Payouts will be made weekly!
Earn extra money playing games
Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!
5 Referral levels of commission under you
Level 1 - 5%
Level 2 - 4%
Level 3 - 3%
Level 4 - 2%
Level 5 - 1%
Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings!
DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout


This site is somewhat different because it does not have paid-to-click ads or read emails. Instead it's something like your central office of the best PTC sites in the web (with agloco!) and works to increase your downline or referrals. More referrals = more money for you:


Last, I have this proven site who (they say) started this PTC mania. Usually there's only 3 ads available to click but it pays a "whooping" $0.01 (other sites have $0.0001)! However the payout is $5 and only via Paypal for now. Still, it's worth a try, go click! =)

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