I joined a great forum (GetPaidForum) for people who are in the get-to-paid (GPT) online industry, and to my surprise (not! hehe), there were lots of Filipinos there. Someone even posted a topic as to what sites are available for residents of the Philippines coz more often than not, the sites accept only US, UK, NZ or Australian residents. One member (hi sofie!) asked for tips on how to earn fast. Well, as what I said to her, PTC/PTR sites are not get-rich-quick schemes. You have to patient for your pennies and cents to add up. Anyway I also shared with her the Filipino-friendly sites (or sites with "international members accepted" note) I've come across with. But before we come to that, let me share "my requirements" for joining a particular site --
1. of course, the "international members accepted" note =)
2. will pay via e-gold or moneybookers (paypal doesnt receive payment for accounts from the Philippines) OR will send cheque
3. NO minimum payout is very attractive but I also accept sites with low payout level like $0.5

Here are 3 new sites I recently joined which are Filipino-friendly. I hope you're reading this Sofie, this one's for you! =)
As the site's name suggests: No-Minimum! Yey! Lots of ads, there are also games, and there is a paid-to-promote scheme worth $0.65 per 1000 credits. Good enough! =)
Advertise your web site
This site is unique (HTMail) coz you dont have to click anything. What you do is give out your email (if you're afraid of spam, give your spare email) to join in their mailing list and you are sent emails from advertisers. When you click on any url within the email you are taken to an HTMail forwarding page which automatically pops up a feedback/code return page, and then forwards you to the advertisers page. Please return the feedback page to ensure that you are credited. Interested to join?
EmailCashPro is almost the same as HTMail but focused in Asia. This is one of my BEST finds ever! Not in terms of income but coz of the special bonus it came with. If u wanna know what is it, just check their site out.


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