You can payout anytime with these sites. They also accept international members and can pay via e-gold for those countries that don't have paypal. This is arranged in order of the sites where I earned easiest.

Most ads are $0.001 to $0.0001, cheap huh? BUT they more than make up for it with 19 pages of signup offers! This is where I earned most. Was able to payout after 4 hours, yeah! Payout anytime you want, hehe

Just like Jill's Click Corner but with lesser signup offers (but still more than other sites). Daily payout coz there's no minimum! =)

Lots of signup and search offers for US, Canada, etc but only 4 signup stuff for international members. LOL! But the PTC ads are higher priced than usual PTR sites. Payouts are every 15th and 30th, no minimum

The PTC ads are all 1 point! No $$$ in clicking ads but the emails are a different thing. U can easily earn if u read emails every day. There was even 1 email that had 4 links with each link earning u $0.001, nice! =) And there are many signup offers too


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