Click the banner above and it will lead you to AngelPTC's site which has the following benefits:
# Completely FREE to join
# Paid To Click : points, 0.25 to 1 cent
# Paid To Read Emails : 0.5c
# Paid To Read Ads : up to 1.2 c
# Free Click Exchange
# 12% Referral Earnings ( up to 50% with Memberships )
# Low payout : $0.80 (E-gold & Paypal) --> i think this is the best part! =) other sites' payouts are from $5 to $20

I think my blog is turning to be a sell-out! LOL! But don't worry, I still have a true-blue ad-free blog here: Tongue Temptations (erotica. this is not.)


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