Just this morning I stumbled on a post by a college friend in DavaoSale. Her post's title read "earn money while you blog!" I was immune to this kind of advert as this is very common in the web with no real result. But since I knew this person I decided to check the site out and w00t! It was legit and the site looks good with loads of opportunities. So I signed up and I'm waiting for this blog to be approved. With or without approval, I'm now posting this site. Welcome to PayPerPost guys! Click here --> ads on blogs =)

UPDATE: I'm approved, yes!! =) So now I'm gonna start blogging to earn dollars. Let's see if my college friend's post and glowing words about PPP are true, ahehe! I'll just update you guys as I continue my first foray into the world of dollar-earning ;p Again, click here: ads on blogs


  1. lady influence said...
    hi issa.. im a member of payperpost too, but i just realized recently that they pay via paypal only which is a bad news for filipinos.. what can you say about this?
    iSSa said...
    what I do is I use my relative's paypal address then she sends the money to me via gcash. hehe! if u have relatives or friends abroad, enlist their help =)

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