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http://cutieissa.pitas.com -- my very first blog! CLICK HERE! 1st entry: early 2002 (im still 20 yrs old!); you can also view my 2002 blog thru my screenshots on Yahoo Photos page (see below)
http://cutieissa.blogspot.com -- 1st entry: april 2004; sporadically updated but is the most up-to-date aside from my friendster account. this has 3 other blogs with different themes, click my profile to see them
http://www.g-blogs.com/cutieissa -- last entry: april 2006, first entry: aug 2004 ... will update, the site is often down. GLOBE do something!!!
http://www2.world66.com/world/member/issa --
tourists' wikipedia! go see! full of pretty places in davao, dumaguete, etc with recommendations
http://360.yahoo.com/cutiealecx --
just starting out..
http://cutieissa24.blogs.friendster.com --
Tongue Temptations!


http://community.webshots.com/user/cutieissa -- personal pics w/ labsie, camiguin 2005, pearl farm 2004, dalmatian & poodle pups, UP & med school pics, keith martin concert, flower power 2004, sims entries (3)
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/cutiealecx/my_photos --
labsie's korean students, simbella contest entry, my best fauna pics, jack's ridge chuva, 2002 blog screenshots, my med graduation, bohol escapade, salumay outing, retreat 2006, sunrise & sunsets
http://flickr.com/photos/cutieissa -- yahoo photos are closing on sept 2007!! transferring all my photos to flickr w/c is a yahoo company =)
www.asia-dragonfly.net -- pics of dragon & damselflies


http://www.youtube.com/user/cutieissa -- 5 new corella videos, LOVE video w/ wabsie, 5 vids on bohol escapade, beautiful flowerhorns, fabulous streetboys dancing in davao city!


http://www.geocities.com/cutiealecx-- with a link to Our Homepage, a chronicle of our relationship during the first 2 years
http://cutieissa.googlepages.com -- my online lifestyle =)
http://issa.sphosting.com -- modSIM dwellings -- my very own fansite for The Sims with houses for download; can't be accessed! why?? house files can be accessed in my yahoogroup. below is the screenshot of my sims site, all done in PINK of course!


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