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this taken just prior to the start of my graduation. i still have to wear our dark blue toga. this was posted using picasa software from google which also owns blogger/blogspot =)

Don't ask me why I named my blog with such an asinine title. Maybe perhaps coz I made this at 3am?? See post below to get my drift. Anyhow, the internet is a nice place to vent out your frustrations at 3am and to earn money. Yes, I said EARN MONEY! Dollars even! Here are 2 sites I signed up with and all you have to do is click the "offers" and it will earn you cents which eventually add up to dollars. Earn while you surf, ika nga. Revolution Offers allow a payout of $5 to your paypal, how cool is that?? =) Just click on the banners below and my ramblings will stop, hehe! And pls, I'm not a semi-lunatic! :p



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