Please visit YENNY GIRL for more contest details!!! You know, like HOW MUCH cash prizes will she be giving out! Hehe! Contest will END on May 31, 2008 (11:59 Tokyo Time) and the winners will be drawn on June 15, 2008. So GO GO GO!!! =) And oh, the blog I like most is XiaXue's blog! She's been blogging ever, ever since and I've been her fan ever, ever since! ^_^
Here are the mechanics of the game. Be sure to read through from top to bottom and read carefully so you won't miss a thing. Here goes:

1. You blog about this contest OR simply copy and paste the mechanics to your blog post then you get 20 entries. Please make sure that you include all 5 links of my blogs.
Creative In Me
Little Peanut
Me and Mine
Pea in a Pod
Sugar Magnolias

2. You leave comments to all my blogs and you get 1 entry per comment. But please make sure that it is related to what I have written in the post. No spamming, please. Sorry, I have to do this because everyone wants to win! Valid posts are from April 9, 2008 to May 31, 2008. Tokyo Time. +9 GMT.

3. You add me in your Technorati fave and you get 1 entry. I have 5 blogs so it means that if you add 5 of my blogs you will get 5 entries.

4. You subscribe to my Feed, here and you get 5 entries. Only for this blog. I want 1 year guarantee that you will not unsubscribe after the contest! I know some of you don’t like reading my posts..lol But hey, this is my blog!

5. You nominate a blog that you like most around the blog-o-sphere and you will include that when you blog about this contest and you get another 2 entries. Be honest who you really like most. Not because you are blogging buddy! Just say, you like that blog with a link. Because everyone likes linky love, so that’s why I do that!

6. And to add more spice in my contest, you guess when was the exact date of our wedding day! Right guess will get 2 entries.

7. Guess the exact birthdate of my little boy who will turn 6 and you get 2 entries!

8. Guess the exact birthdate of my dear husband and you get 2 entries! He’s the one giving away the prizes..lol So, I need to include it here:) haha

9. You must leave comment to this post and let me know if you are joining. That gives you another 2 entries.10. Last but not the least, if you can do step 1 to 9, you can get additional 20 entries! See, it’s a lot of fun!

10. Last but not the least, if you can do step 1 to 9, you can get additional 20 entries! See, it’s a lot of fun!

And 1 consolation prize. What it will be? Well, you find out this coming August! Who knows except, me;) Now, go spread the word and let’s have fun!!!

It's truly ME! Mwahahaha! >=) This would have been a perfect quiz result if my color is PINK, hehe! Have fun with the quiz!

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

And here's a funny photo to spice up your mid-week! Girls, what do you think?? Time to ditch sweet-talking lying lovers?? LOL!

The HammeRuler is built on the notion of Short-Measure Acceleration (SMA). By cutting down on tool switching time (from hammer to ruler and back) when doing short measures, the HammeRuler makes you more efficient. You probably don't realize how much time you spend putting down your hammer to pick up your ruler, and hammering back again huh? Well, here's a simple solution! =)

Gahh! I guess they weren't able to hide their online tracks very well. Anyway, according to reports, Spanish police have arrested five young computer hackers who allegedly disabled Internet pages run by government agencies in the U.S., Latin America and Asia. The National Police described the suspects as belonging to one of the most active hacker groups on the Internet and said two of the suspects are only 16 years old. The others are 19 or 20.

On the internet, the group calls itself D.O.M Team. I'm not familiar with them, are you?? The five suspects did not know each other personally, but rather just over the Internet. According to the police, one of the group's techniques was to infiltrate Web sites and insert a page of its own. The group attacked some 21,000 Web pages over the last two years, and finally the five were arrested this week in Barcelona, Burgos, Malaga and Valencia.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported in March that the group had infiltrated NASA's website. The group also hacked the Venezuelan national telephone company's page and the Spanish telephone operator Jazztel. El Mundo said it had contacted the group and it described itself not as a bunch of delinquents, but computer-lovers that raid Web sites to show system administrators the pages' vulnerabilities. Yeah right! That's what they always say ;-)

Apparently yes! Which really surprised me coz if this were the case, it will be real cheap and easy to send faxes now -- which is not what I'm seeing. However, technical difficulties in sending and receiving faxes over VoIP hasn't been completely solved yet. Why? Here's what one website dedicated to VoIP fax said:

The main difficulty is that faxes are a different kind of data than voice. Whereas voice data has to be delivered in real time in order to maintain a comfortable conversation, fax data can be delayed somewhat in order to guarantee that it is completely intact. It doesn't matter if some voice data is lost en route, but if this happens to fax data it creates an error in the fax transmission.
Yeah, fax solutions are definitely badly needed to perfect this new application for VoIP. If you'd like to send faxes over your VoIP connection, make sure that your VoIP service provider supports this function. Also, ask them for instructions about how to modify the settings of your VoIP devices (like the ones from www.axacore.com). Usually, just by setting the codec to 711u, some people are immediately able to successfully send and receive faxes. Other users say that they also need to lower the fax baud rate to 9600. Wanna try it out guys??

YES!!! Finally!!! ^_^ I've always wanted an iPhone but I held back after reviews of its lackluster functionality emerged. Sure, I thought it would be nice to be one of the first few people to own an iPhone in our country. But heck, for lacking features that my low-end Sony Ericsson (I had SE T230 back then) phone has, I figured I could wait for a better iPhone, a pink one please! Hehe!

I since got an SE K800i and have been mobile photo blogging with it (check out yes, it's ME!). I forgot about my iPhone fantasy for more than 6 months, and then I was bamboozled with this news from a tech site last week (links clickable!) --

The Apple online store has stopped selling iPhones completely, stating they are currently unavailable. What does it mean? In some way I’m inclined to say “not much.” ... However, since O2 in the UK has stopped selling iPhones and a number of folks have had trouble buying them in stores, we might be seeing a next-gen iPhone in the next few days. Here’s hoping.

Rumors have been swirling about the launch date of the 3G iPhone ... As he did last year, BGR has his hands on an internal memo to AT&T employees forbidding them to take vacation or PL between June 15 and July 12 ... This is leading everyone to believe that the iPhone could and should launch on the 15th ...

YAHOO!!! Or should I say APPLE?! LOL! For sure, I'd be watching this bit of rumor for the next few weeks (only four weeks to go!). If you have any news/tips about the 3G iPhone launch, feel free to contact me. I would appreciate it very much! =)

Yeah, one step! Believe it or not but this hot tip is guaranteed to increase your income -- whether you're earning peanuts or earning 5 figures a month. Curious already?? Then scroll down! And I hope you the advice take to heart =)
The one step that will surely increase your net income?


Yes, boys and girls, it's not a matter of working more or earning more -- but to stop spending on extra and useless stuff. Believe me, the iced coffees and brownies you take on your breaks will eventually add up. Try to live BELOW your means. I will be surprised if you won't have more money after each payday ;-) For more tips on increasing your income, read this great post. And yes, the blogger recommended cutting your spending too!

Here in our country, customer service isn't really that hot a "service". Most of the companies' employees here (even if not in customer service department) will help you when you ask for help in a nice way. However, there are also some who won't give you the time of their day. And I'm sad to say that we mostly get this kind of treatment in government offices. Tsk! Anyway, here's a customer service conversation from dNeero:

Sure, Wordpress has this "for future posting" thingy for quite awhile but WP has never been my blog platform of choice. The learning curve for installing their stuff, customizing my things, etc is just too steep for me! LOL! And so, yeah, I chose to suffer with the lack of scheduled posting (make a post and set the date when it's gonna be published in your blog) in Blogger. Which lead to my erratic postings whenever I'm traveling o_O But that will all end coz Blogger has now scheduled posts!! Whee!! It has been in beta for weeks and a few days ago, Blogger officially rolled out this new feature. Thank you Lord! =)

In other stuff, Google Analytics for Blogger has officially entered private beta! If you're serious about blogging and your site's traffic, Google Analytics is your friend. It has the most comprehensive analytical tools you can imagine to dissect your site. Best of all? It's FREE! =) And now, for Blogger users, it will have its own tab (see photo below) for easy browsing of your blog's stats. So cool!!! I really can't wait to use it! Read all about this feature HERE.

The lesson in all these? Always use a service that's comfortable for you. Wordpress may have lots of features and advantages over Blogger but I have never been comfortable with it. So I stuck with Blogger. It may be lacking in features, but with its loyal users clamoring about it, the much-wanted features soon became a reality =) Thank you Blogger team for listening! It is worth the wait!

I've heard of this rumors for quite awhile but I really didn't believe it. I mean, YouTube and other usual video sharing sites don't offer options for users and uploaders to monetize their own pages of videos. But earlier today, I read on Jim Karter's Make Money Online that there is indeed a way to earn money off them! w00t! =) Here's what he has to say --

I was just surfing the DP forum (as usual) and was spying on the threads. Then I saw a thread saying Earn $40 a day from Video Sharing Websites and Parking. I see at-least 10 similar threads each day. But then I realized that the thread has reached 6 pages of content and many of the old and good members of the forum has given quite good reviews... The author of the thread was selling ebook with a method on how to make money online with youtube and domain parking. I bought the ebook for $29.99 and used the method... In 4 days, I recovered the money back. And now I am making profit of $5 to $6 a day (completely passive). And it was total 2 hours work.

Sounds really good huh?? I will try this soon enough and tell you guys how it went! I just hope this won't go "out of season" soon. Hehe! You can read Jim Karter's FULL post HERE. Enjoy!

Yep, due to insistent public demand, dNeero has made their surveys (you earn money by answering them and posting it in your blog) INTERACTIVE -- that is, survey takers can post their own question (about the survey topic) AND survey takers after them will have to answer that. Umm, not that much interaction (hehe) but dNeero promises it would be more than that soon =)

Was off traveling again during the last weeks of April. This time I went to our country's capital to scour cheap wedding supplies. Also, my family did some sightseeing (Tagaytay, Manila Ocean Park, Malabon Zoo, etc) ^_^ You can read all about my Manila adventures HERE. Enjoy!

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