I've heard of this rumors for quite awhile but I really didn't believe it. I mean, YouTube and other usual video sharing sites don't offer options for users and uploaders to monetize their own pages of videos. But earlier today, I read on Jim Karter's Make Money Online that there is indeed a way to earn money off them! w00t! =) Here's what he has to say --

I was just surfing the DP forum (as usual) and was spying on the threads. Then I saw a thread saying Earn $40 a day from Video Sharing Websites and Parking. I see at-least 10 similar threads each day. But then I realized that the thread has reached 6 pages of content and many of the old and good members of the forum has given quite good reviews... The author of the thread was selling ebook with a method on how to make money online with youtube and domain parking. I bought the ebook for $29.99 and used the method... In 4 days, I recovered the money back. And now I am making profit of $5 to $6 a day (completely passive). And it was total 2 hours work.

Sounds really good huh?? I will try this soon enough and tell you guys how it went! I just hope this won't go "out of season" soon. Hehe! You can read Jim Karter's FULL post HERE. Enjoy!


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