Apparently yes! Which really surprised me coz if this were the case, it will be real cheap and easy to send faxes now -- which is not what I'm seeing. However, technical difficulties in sending and receiving faxes over VoIP hasn't been completely solved yet. Why? Here's what one website dedicated to VoIP fax said:

The main difficulty is that faxes are a different kind of data than voice. Whereas voice data has to be delivered in real time in order to maintain a comfortable conversation, fax data can be delayed somewhat in order to guarantee that it is completely intact. It doesn't matter if some voice data is lost en route, but if this happens to fax data it creates an error in the fax transmission.
Yeah, fax solutions are definitely badly needed to perfect this new application for VoIP. If you'd like to send faxes over your VoIP connection, make sure that your VoIP service provider supports this function. Also, ask them for instructions about how to modify the settings of your VoIP devices (like the ones from www.axacore.com). Usually, just by setting the codec to 711u, some people are immediately able to successfully send and receive faxes. Other users say that they also need to lower the fax baud rate to 9600. Wanna try it out guys??


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