Sure, Wordpress has this "for future posting" thingy for quite awhile but WP has never been my blog platform of choice. The learning curve for installing their stuff, customizing my things, etc is just too steep for me! LOL! And so, yeah, I chose to suffer with the lack of scheduled posting (make a post and set the date when it's gonna be published in your blog) in Blogger. Which lead to my erratic postings whenever I'm traveling o_O But that will all end coz Blogger has now scheduled posts!! Whee!! It has been in beta for weeks and a few days ago, Blogger officially rolled out this new feature. Thank you Lord! =)

In other stuff, Google Analytics for Blogger has officially entered private beta! If you're serious about blogging and your site's traffic, Google Analytics is your friend. It has the most comprehensive analytical tools you can imagine to dissect your site. Best of all? It's FREE! =) And now, for Blogger users, it will have its own tab (see photo below) for easy browsing of your blog's stats. So cool!!! I really can't wait to use it! Read all about this feature HERE.

The lesson in all these? Always use a service that's comfortable for you. Wordpress may have lots of features and advantages over Blogger but I have never been comfortable with it. So I stuck with Blogger. It may be lacking in features, but with its loyal users clamoring about it, the much-wanted features soon became a reality =) Thank you Blogger team for listening! It is worth the wait!


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