Gahh! I guess they weren't able to hide their online tracks very well. Anyway, according to reports, Spanish police have arrested five young computer hackers who allegedly disabled Internet pages run by government agencies in the U.S., Latin America and Asia. The National Police described the suspects as belonging to one of the most active hacker groups on the Internet and said two of the suspects are only 16 years old. The others are 19 or 20.

On the internet, the group calls itself D.O.M Team. I'm not familiar with them, are you?? The five suspects did not know each other personally, but rather just over the Internet. According to the police, one of the group's techniques was to infiltrate Web sites and insert a page of its own. The group attacked some 21,000 Web pages over the last two years, and finally the five were arrested this week in Barcelona, Burgos, Malaga and Valencia.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported in March that the group had infiltrated NASA's website. The group also hacked the Venezuelan national telephone company's page and the Spanish telephone operator Jazztel. El Mundo said it had contacted the group and it described itself not as a bunch of delinquents, but computer-lovers that raid Web sites to show system administrators the pages' vulnerabilities. Yeah right! That's what they always say ;-)

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