Actually I'm a latecomer to this internet phenomenon but I had doubts they will be able to release their viewbar which is crucial to their business so I purposely shied away. While the founding members were gaining new recruits or referrals under them (thus increasing their earnings later), I had been content to wait for the viewbar's launch. Three weeks ago the viewbar was finally released! Yay! So I immediately signed up and thru the viewbar (which is installed in my pc), I had been accumulating hours surfing the internet =) The question now is when will I get paid for this?? The answer is here, in their official blog. This is not a get-rich scheme but a community of internet users who'll finally be allowed to share in the advertising revenues. Nice huh? In fact, AGLOCO means A GLObal COmmunity that is owned by its members =) So come on, let's JOIN in the fun!


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