Hi guys! Earning a lot lately? LOL! Me? My bread and butter is still my freelance work doing celebrity articles. If you wanna show support, go to these sites: OnlyJessica and OnlyJolie. I'm sure pictures of 2 sexy and gorgeous stars (Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie) would make you smile! =) Please leave comments on how to improve the sites ok? Thanks!

On other news, I'm not involved in PTC/PTR sites only. I also use paid-to-search programs, the best of which is SlashMySearch. Aside from the usual searching, the site also offers to search Amazon and eBay. In fact, they have this special feature that allows you to search listings that have wrong spelling. Here's their statement:

With an eBay Typo search, enter you correctly spelled query, select eBay Typo from the search type selection menu and Slash My Search will automatically generate common misspellings, ommissions and other mistakes that a listing might appear under and seamlessly take you to eBay. Correctly spelled listings will be filtered out.

Above is a screenshot of their site. But if I were you, go to their site and experience a precise and accurate search unlike any other! And no, this is not a sponsored post. When I use a great product, I promote them -- with or without pay =) And oh yeah, they pay you for each search you do (and your referrals) AND they have a free email to boot! Try their search and you won't regret it, promise! =)

P.S. I'm 3 weeks into earning money online and so far my net income is nearly $50. Within this week, I will evaluate all the sites I joined and will drop sites that require so much time before earning. Watch out for it!


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