And it's courtesy of ClixnCash! =) Though it's only for $0.16, it's worth it coz I really did nothing special but just click their ads while I still surfed my favorite websites. Many of you are wondering why I am trying to earn $$$ -- it's because I'm on the internet for 6-8hrs a day and I might as well earn from it! Right?? Of course, I wouldn't trade my being a doctor (underboard pa nga lang) for this but I have 6+ months to go before I tale the medical board exam. So, again, I might as well earn right?? Hehe! From the comforts of my home pa, with basically no effort on my part =) Anyway here's the screenshot of my earnings which I had sent to e-gold coz there's no paypal (ie cannot withdraw) here in the Philippines --
So what are u waiting for?? Join me here! =)


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