Found another site where MAC users are loved! Umm, “love” maybe too strong a word to use but I feel that’s what the webmaster has put into this website. I’m talking about Mac Poker Online –- “Exclusive provider of information regarding online poker and casino games for Macintosh, saving Mac users hours of time.” The site lists the best online poker sites to play poker for Mac. You can play for free or for real at the sites listed, and you can be sure they are of good reputation. Here’s a screenshot of the site:

Aside from listing Mac-friendly poker sites, Mac Poker Online also has the latest news in the world of poker and Mac. The site has a forum where you can interact with other Mac poker players, and it has a page full of poker bonuses! w00t! There are also poker resources like strategy tips for playing and basic poker rules. If you poker, and of you use a Mac, you will surely love Mac Poker Online! It has everything you can possibly ever need. Go check the site out guys! =)


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