In my other blog, I posted numerous websites that offer payday loans and cash advance. However, it is only now that I was able to compare which of the websites are better and which websites fit your needs most. And that’s thanks to TrustSource.org, a website that ranks products based on these several measures: sales data and rank, consultations with health care professionals, consultations with users, and customer rankings and reviews of popular payday loans websites. For now, the top three websites are Womens Payday, Additional Earnings, and Maximum Wages Cash Advance. TrustSource.org is not affiliated with the products found in their website, nor do they endorse any of them. Other popular product pages in the TrustSource.org are smoking cessation products and hair loss prevention products. I was pleased to learn that Provillus, which a family member of mine previously used (can’t say who coz it’s like admitting he’s losing hair, lol), is the top product in the hair loss prevention category. Guess it really works! =) Anyway, if you’re buying a product and you’re unsure if it really works, check TrustSource.org first. It’s better to be safe than sorry right? But for medical matters and in buying medicines, going to the doctor is still the gold standard. Okay guys??


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