Now isn't that a nifty idea?? You're looking for a job (that's the reason why people post or send resumes in case you don't know, LOL) and you're earning even while looking! And that's thanks to Resumark -- they will PAY YOU $1 EVERY TIME employers download YOUR resume. Invite your friends to upload their resumes and you’ll earn $0.50 each time their resumes are downloaded! Awesome huh?? But wait, there's more: when employers or recruiters come to Resumark.com through your link and download resumes, you will also earn $0.15 from every such download. That's three ways to earn off by posting your resumes online! And there's 3 more ways:
1st person to get 30 friends to join Resumark.com will get $100!
2nd person to get 30 friends to join gets $50, and
3rd gets $25!

Even after YOU WIN the prize, KEEP INVITING! Coz..

The 1st person who gets 100 friends to join will receive $500!

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