Most of you know that I'm into paid blogging and also earning by using Google Adsense in my blogs and piggy websites. Sure, paid blogging earned me a lot ($1000 from PayPerPost alone!) but my bread and butter is freelance writing. And then you say, "But Issa, I don't know how to write.." or "I'm really not a good writer.." -- well, good news for you! Freelance work in the world wide web isn't limited to writing! ^_^ If you're a good photographer, you can submit your photos and earn royalties when somebody uses/downloads/buys it. If you're a programmer, there are a lot of people awaiting your services. Listed here are moneymaking sites for photographers and freelancing sites. Check them out! =) Sites I've used are with asterisk.
*Shutterstock - submit your photos and get paid a commission every time they are downloaded.
iStockPhoto - the leading stock photos site.
*Fotolia - a “web 2.0″ version of iStockPhoto.
eXpress Digital - setup your own online store front for selling your photography.
ImageKind - setup a free online gallery and sell your art online as framed prints.
StockXpert - earn 50% commission for selling your stock digital photos through their website.
*Craigslist - internet classified also lists freelance jobs.
Elance - freelance job search database with jobs in website development, graphics art, writing, etc.
FreelanceJobs.org - freelance directory for web designers, adminstrative and sales jobs, writing and more.
*GetAFreelancer - huge selection of freelance jobs for programmers, web designers, graphic artists, writers, photographers -- however, you have to bid for work here.
Project4Hire - same as GetAFreelancer


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