Heya guys! Long time no hear from me eh?? So sorry about that but I promise to be better this 2009 =) Already I'm tweaking this blog, trying to make it more web friendly and make it easy for readers to find what they want. If there are broken links, please contact me okay? The renovations will last the entire January as I'm still contemplating if I'll keep this pink theme or not. Hmm..
If you stumbled on my blog looking for ways to earn online, click HERE for a list of sites that pay you to blog and HERE for some freelance ideas. If you're looking for a much easier way to earn money, join dNeero -- answer a survey, post it in your blog and voila! You just earned $$$! =) Anyway here are some good reads I stumbled this week. Enjoy!
Frugal Pinoy: Protecting Yourself Against Layoffs

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