I guess most of you are on Twitter now, mostly for personal reasons and to connect with friends =) Me, I sworn off it coz I have too much online and offline stuff going on. Getting addicted to Twitter (most users attest to its addictive properties!) will definitely be counterproductive to my working mojo. Already there's too many distractions in our PC room =)
Anyway, I finally succumbed to Twitter coz dNeero (the easiest way to earn online! sample conversation below) offered a feature that allows you to earn from Twitter. Niiice! Now there's a "valid" money-making reason for joining Twitter ^_^ Reason #2 is John Chow's latest Twitter contest. Follow him (and Market Leverage) on Twitter and you have a chance to win 1 of 3 Flip Mino HD! Smashing ey?!


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