One of the easiest way to "earn" money online is to enter contests done by blogs and websites to promote their products and themselves. I myself had won $40 last year just by commenting in a blog and subscribing to the blog. $40 for no sweat work -- how easy is that?? =) Today I'm joining ArrangeYourVacation.com's $500 cash giveaway. Yes, FIVE EFFIN HUNDRED DOLLARS! And all you have to do is review their site plus link to their contest post (the one with contest details), and viola! A chance to win $500! ^_^

So what's ArrangeYourVacation.com all about? For someone like me who loves to travel, their online services are quite a treat. They have log cabins, lakefront and oceanfront villas, ski slope condos, or whatever it is that you want to rent as your vacation home =) Their website is very easy to look at and the layout is neat. It is fully searchable too. For home owners who'd like to rent out their properties, ArrangeYourVacation.com offers FREE standard advertising. There are no fees and commissions which is just awesome! Go visit their site for more info.


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