There are tons of contests in Twitter right now (which is another reason why I love Twitter, hehe). So far I joined a 160gb-iPod-giveaway and win-an-iPod-Touch contest. Just a minute ago I entered Zac Johnson's 5-week Twitter contest =) For Twitterers, you can enter by following him in Twitter and retweeting his required message. For bloggers, you can join by writing about the contest. And yeah, I did both. More chances to win that $100! ;-) Below are some of Zac Johnson's contest prizes and for more info, visit his contest post. Good luck!
Week 1: Winners Announced Feb 27
- Rextopia $100 Cash
- 5 MoneyReign T-Shirt Packs
- 1 PPC Coach Membership
- 1 Signed Joel Comm “Twitter Power”
- 4 Signed Gary V “101 Wines” Book

Bloggers Can Win Too! - $100 Cash
Lastly, blog about this contest and link back to this post and you could win $100 cash. One blogger will randomly be selected from the permalinks listed on this blog post, on March 27th and listed in the week 5 winners. $100 prize will be rewarded through paypal.


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