By sunnier, I mean yellower. Hehe! I love pink and this blog has been the pinkest of all my blogs -- not at all suited to the making-money-online niche. But hey, it's my blog right?? =) But when I found the perfect pink/yellow Burberry-esque background in ColorLovers.com, I decided it's time to do a makeover for this blog. Nothing big, I didn't even change the Blogcrowds theme that I had for sooo long, hehe! I just tweaked the sidebars, the ads and most importantly, the colors. Here's my old blog look:

Really pink huh?? Hehe! Now that this blog is half-pink, half-yellow -- do you find it better looking? Leave me a comment! =) Oh, yeah, I have to do something with my header picture. With all the yellow, my face looks much, much yellower as if I have a liver problem. Ughh!


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