If you're here looking for ways to earn $$$ via blogging then you must be already aware that your blog's Google PageRank (PR) play a very important factor on whether pay-to-blog companies will approve your blog or not. The PR will also determine if how much you'll get for your blogging tasks so if you want to earn more, then strive to increase your PR. If you're not aware what PageRank is or how to increase it, google it and start learning =)
For those who have many blogs and sites, I know it's a pain to keep track of all the PageRank updates every 3 months or so. I myself got so tired of checking that it came to a point that some of my sites' PR slid without me knowing, LOL! Anyhoo, I stumbled an easy way to keep track of PageRank changes via RockFuse -- PAGERANK ALERT! =) Just signup, enter the URLs of your site and once the PRs are updated, they will send you an email. Easy as a pie! =)
P.S. My friend and I are selling pre-loved books in an effort to raise funds for our barkada's first-ever bonding trip. BTW, barkada = circle of friends. You can check our books HERE <-- click!


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