Finally I can go back to my "normal" blogging life! Two big events, my physician licensure exam and our wedding, is finally over and done with! ^_^ Yup, that's our wedding portrait above, like it?? Hehe! You can see more wedding and honeymoon pictures here:
Post-Wedding post
LoooNG Honeymoon post
My Friendster Wedding Pics 
Jinky's Photos during our wedding
As for online money-making schemes, come back within this week! I got a rather longish post that will surely give you tons of ideas =) And before I forget it, I must say that getting married and having a grand wedding reception maybe costly but man, if you SPECIFY YOU WANT MONETARY GIFTS, the cash just keeps on flowing!!! I'm not kidding! We did not expect this financial blessing (we expected to start our marriage nearly broke since we were the ones paying for our wedding) and we are sooo grateful about it ^_^ So, if you're getting married soon, do write in your invitation: "Since we are ______________ (give some reason, ours was 'living in a fully furnished home'), monetary gifts is most appreciated." Simple yet effective!

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