And all you have to do is become their fan HERE! Very easy huh? =) Of course I joined already! Hehe! At the time I joined, there were only 54 fans, I'm sure that number will increase in the next few days. Anyway, here's the details on AsiaRooms.com's contest:
By becoming a fan of AsiaRooms.com on Facebook, there is a chance to win a US$1000 voucher from AsiaRooms.com every month. The new promotion will last for six months starting from April 2009, offering a total prize pool of US$6000 to be won.
Six lucky Facebook fans of AsiaRooms.com will be presented with US$1000 credit vouchers which can be redeemed and used for hotel booking at AsiaRooms.com. For six consecutive months, all the fans will automatically enter monthly random draws for the prizes. The draw will take place and announced on AsiaRooms.com Facebook page on the following dates: April 15, 2009, May 15, 2009, June 15, 2009, July 15, 2009, August 15, 2009 and Final Draw on September 15, 2009.
For more information, check their press release HERE.

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