So, who says you can't earn from Twitter? Mwahahaha! ;-) Last February, I blogged about the Twitter contests that I joined and out of the 3 contests, I won in one -- the 160gb iPod giveaway from TGTMoney!! Niiice!! Thank you so much Michael!! And yes, that's the iPod I won above but I haven't received it yet as the owner still has to save money for its shipping fee. But I'm patient, very patient.. Hehe! What's mind-boggling is it's 160gb! My archaic laptop only had 80gb and I'm down to 500mb free space now. I can't wait to get a hold of this iPod! Yes, it will be used to store my photos, videos and music to free up space in my laptop =)
Anyway, the contest I joined was pretty simple: subscribe to the TGTMoney's newsletter, follow @bookerx in Twitter and tweet a message about the contest. I usually don't enter contests that needs subscribing to a newsletter but TGTMoney had potential. At the time of the Twitter contest, there weren't much posts but the posts that were there were really helpful if you want to earn money online. The site has since underwent major renovations and is now teeming with helpful posts so go visit! =) My winning was announced HERE (via video) and HERE (scroll down to middle of the post for my name).


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