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Then join Twitter, follow @ragingtech and tweet this message: “RT @ragingtech Enter to win $20 USD PayPal “Just for the heck of it” Contest, Retweet to win! http://tinyurl.com/cjeg6b #ragingwin” EASY PEASY! ^_^ If you're feeling creative, you can tweet your own contest message so long as you put @ragingtech and #ragingwin in it. Why? Coz you might win a mystery prize aside from the $20! It would be cool if the mystery prize is also money, LOL ;-)
For more info about @ragingtech's contest, read Raging Tech Twitter Contest - WIN $20 USD PayPal. Good luck!!
P.S. If you like medical news, tech updates, marriage tips, easy recipes & Twitter contests, follow me on Twitter: @cutieissa =)


  1. The Raging Tech said...
    Thanks for posting! Looking forward to seeing if you're the winner on April 30th! Keep on Tweeting!
    Banks online said...
    Thanks now i am in Twitter

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