What's a MoBlog? The word means mobile blogging, or blogging from your phone or other mobile devices. Actually I've been blogging through my phone about 3 years ago via my phone carrier's G-Blogs. There was no wap or gprs in my phone then so I'd sent my blog posts via text. Neat huh?? However Globe's server became so slow (can't cope up with the demand) that I eventually neglected the site. So much for blogging through my phone! Hehe!

Anyway, weeks ago, I posted here that I got a new phone (Sony Ericsson K800i) and that its best feature is the ability to photo blog. I was ecstatic about that coz I also love to take photos! I was thinking that I'd travel to exotic places and share its beautiful sceneries instantly via photo blogging. Exotic places my ass! LOL! So far, I've been posting my face in my MoBlog, hehe! =p The ability of my phone to photo blog is thru the help of Blogger (which Google acquired). You can view my site here: yes, it's ME! and you can also view it in your wap or gprs-enabled phones. The blog is phone friendly, meaning it will load quickly in your phone's browser. For all Globe subscribers, there's a promo of P0.075 per kb in browsing non-Globe sites. Dirt cheap rates so hurry and visit my MoBlog now! =)


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