I love to read books of any kind. I'm always constantly looking for book bargains in bookshops and used-goods stores. I've used online buy&sell portals like davaosale.com and ebay.ph to buy hard-to-find books at cheaper prices. And so far, I've been more than satisfied with my finds! =) But as they say, the best things in life are free. That got me thinking, "Can I get a free book online??" The answer? A big YES!!! At first I just downloaded free ebooks on the internet, some of them pirated. LOL! But I persisted looking for that elusive free physical book. My search led me to BookMooch. And man, was I addicted! =)


BookMooch works like a charity site. You give away your books to earn points and using your points, you can request or mooch a book you want from another user. Nice concept huh?? The site is very simple to use but features-packed unlike other book swapping sites which have become commercialized. And NO, this is not a sponsored post, lol! :p I'm writing this because I truly love their FREE service. I've been in BookMooch for more than a year and received 5 books already. One from SIngapore and four from the Philippines. There was even one Filipino user, Nikki, who has a great offer. Mooch 3 books from her and you'll receive 1 point from her. That's equivalent to 1 free book! So it's like you get free 3 books, and get another for FREE again! Free ~ Free ~ Free, all free! What could be better than that?? So if you're a bookworm, join BookMooch now and let's start mooching! =)


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