No, the title is not of wrong grammar. It’s my take on MTV’s ultra-cool car show Pimp My Ride! If you haven’t seen it, you should. You’ll learn a lot of stuff about improving (pimping) your car to attract the chicks you dig. Lol! The show also has good bits about coverage for sports car. You know, those ultra-pricey cars that look so cool and runs so fast – then bang! It hits another car. Bye-bye pretty car! Bye-bye loads of money, which will go to expensive car repairs. But thank god you’re smarter than the average MTV bloke! You actually bought your sports car several auto insurance plans just to make sure you got everything covered. After all, the sports car is the centerpiece of your life, lol!

Seriously, car insurance is a very important matter that you should discuss with your children once they get their own car at 18 (or earlier), even if their first car is just second-hand and barely running. Truth is, insurance coverage for cars is a must these days, what with crazy speeding drivers and all! A car insurance will protect you from further expenditures if you meet a driving accident (god forbid!) and other such horrid matters. For your young adults who are so into driving, there is a so-called Teen Driver Auto Policy. Follow the link if you’d like to know more about it. As for the PINK car above, it’s not mine so I don’t know if it’s covered by insurance, hehe! I just saw it in a mall’s garage and I thought it looked gorgeous, so I snapped a pic of it and there it is! =) I just hope “her” owner got “her” covered. It’d be a waste to see a cutie car go to the dumpsite coz the owner can’t afford to have it repaired. Sigh!


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