For those still looking for their own “the one”, there are many free dating sites available at your disposal. JustSayHi.com is one of them but unlike other dating sites, this one is truly FREE. No credit card is ever required for you to avail of their features, which is as good as those in paid dating sites. Yep, this is free dating at its best! So whoever said there’s no such thing as free lunch? The folks in JustSayHi.com have just given you one! And if you’re still looking for “the one”, give their site a try – it’s their mission to help people like you find the relationships that matter.. =)

As for me, I’m lucky coz I have a good relationship with someone I’m very compatible with. We have been going steady for nearly 8 years, and I wouldn’t trade the months and days I’ve spent with him. Back in the days when we first met, free online dating means meeting someone online and chatting up a storm, usually via mIRC. You’re lucky if you meet someone that shares your interests and passions coz there were no “compatibility filters” back then. You chatted with someone coz you thought his/her handle or nick was unique, or that his/her pickup line was clever. And then you got to know the person better, and you find out you’re not compatible. Time and effort wasted. But fortunately for me, I found someone who complements me. I think he is “the one”.


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