We’re all familiar how auctions go. People bid on an item and the highest bidder wins. Simple! But, the price can go so high that most of the regular folks can’t even have a chance to bid. How about if you bid for an item, and the bidder with the lowest unique bid will win? Wouldn’t that be great?? And it’s now happening in Bid4Prizes.com! Their prizes include Apple IPhones, HDTVs, designer bags to cash prizes.

Aside from auctions, the site also offers free gifts. I’m sure you can’t resist a freebie so go and visit Bid4Prizes.com now! Also they run a daily sweepstakes so there’s a cash winner everyday. Wow! Sounds really good! And last but not the least, there will be an all-new Bid4Prizes Game coming to your boobtube this October. Check out the photo ad below. The game will be on Fox. Watch out for it and don’t get addicted y’hear??


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