My lifestyle recently underwent a very drastic change. For the past two years, I have been going on 24-hour hospital duties that are sometimes so hectic and busy. Often, I’m unable to eat on time and I lack sleep. Coupled with a very active lifestyle, my weight just hovers the normal range. I may look thin to some but my body mass index or bmi is still within normal limits. Anyway, last June I decided to go on hiatus from the medical field. So now, for the past two months, I’ve been a bum at home. No more 24-hour duties, no more running around the hospital hallways, no more missed meals and sleep deprivation. My life has become sedentary, save for gardening activities and doing household chores. I just bet my basal metabolic rate or bmr has decreased, which is the starting point in gaining weight. Wahh, it's the start of a nightmare!!!

Aside from my life going sedentary, yummy food is available to me 24/7! Goodness! My low bmr and increased food intake will definitely equal to weight gain, huhu! =( I don’t wanna gain weight coz it won’t match my petite figure. Thus, starting today, I promise to watch what I eat and count the calories. Perhaps, I’ll use this free calorie counter online to keep me on track. There's also a calorie chart that will serve as your guide on how much calories each food you consume. Tsk, I never thought I'd be a calorie counter (i.e. someone who counts calories, hehe). It seemed so tedious to me when I was younger. But now, I gotta do what I gotta do to keep my figure, lol! And of course, I promise to be active again. No more sitting in front the pc for hours. Gotta move baby! =) The photo above was my lunch the other day: spiced ham sandwich with lettuce. Yummy and HEALTHY!!!


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