Then go to HDTV Reviews and read his "100 EntreCard credits GIVEAWAY" rules! Yes, it's a giveaway and not a contest unlike what all the other websites (and blogs) are doing =) If you don't have an EntreCard account, I still recommend you go visit his site -- he's got good reviews about High Definition TVs and other consumer electronics. Now, to collect my 100 credits.. YEAH!! =)

I just got my 100 EC credits! =) Below is the email that I got. So what are you waiting for guys?? Visit HDTV Reviews now and make a post!

You have been sent 100 Entrecard credits!

These credits were sent from HDTVReviews direct to your Entrecard account and have been applied to your balance. The transaction included the following note from the sender:

Thanks! ;). Drop by Again


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