First, what is identity theft? According to Wikipedia, it "is a catch-all term for crimes involving illegal usage of another individual's identity" and its most common form is credit card fraud. Identity theft is one of the reasons why my father refuses to shop online via his credit card. I have assured him time and again, that unless he's been really careless about giving out his personal info, he won't be a victim of identity theft (specifically credit card fraud). But my assurance isn't enough -- I'm sure there's a program or service out there that my father can use so he will feel secure using credit card online. And that's where LifeLock came in.

LifeLock offers a proven solution that prevents your identity from being stolen. They will protect your identity and personal information for only $10 a month - and they can even guarantee up to $1,000,000! Currently, there are LifeLock promotion codes that you can use to get discount when you apply for their identity theft prevention service. This is hush-hush but one of the LifeLock.com promo code you can use is RD32 -- this will give you 30 Days Free and an exclusive discount =) If you're interested to avail of their service, don't forget the LifeLock.com Promotion Codes okay??


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