And who the hell is he?? Stewart Reynolds is a Dot CA mogul! Take note, that's a Dot "CA" and not a Dot "Com" -- I like this guy already! LOL! He describes himself as a
..gentleman and a scholar, who appreciates fine wine, sunshine, watching people take long walks on the beach and lives for a finely poured pint of beer.
And because of his love for beer, he is giving away $20 to buy yourself and a friend some beer in the pub of your choice. SWEET! =) Stewart runs a website where he teaches you how to make some moolah in the internet. Interested? Then go find out How To Make Money Online by reading HowToMakeMoneyOnline.ca! Also, write a blog post about his Beer Money Contest and you'll have a chance getting free $20 this week. How many beers would that buy?? >=)


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