If you're wondering why there is a food post in a money blog, let me just say this: John Chow is my idol and he does food posts in his uber-successful money blog! And what my idol do, I follow.. LOL! =) If you don't know who John Chow is, you better visit his site. You'll learn loads from him about making money online. Heck, he earns $30000+ a month from his blog alone! O_o

[photo above from www.lispher.ph]
Anyhoo, back to the Davao Food Trip.. This series of yummy trips to restaurants in Davao City was organized by Blogie Robillo. The 8th leg, of which I was lucky enough to join, was in AVENIDA -- a restaurant in the ground floor Lispher Inn located in Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City. We were 10 bloggers in all (Blogie, Ria, Kuya Andrew, Winston, Tiara, Pearl, Andie, Mikko, my bf and me) and we were served 3 dishes with iced tea (P30).

The first dish was Beef Misono -- beef cubes on top of steaming rice. It was very tender and tasty. I am not fond of meat though so I immediately moved on to the next dish. Beef Misono in Avenida costs P110 (good for 1-2 persons) but our serving was just P35. Cheap! =)

The next dish was Bangus Belly (P90) and this, I ate with enthusiasm! LOL! In our home, we always fight on who will get the belly. And being the eldest, I always give way. Thus, whenever I get a chance to eat bangus belly, I grab it with mouth wide open! Hahaha! =) Avenida's Bangus Belly dish has an Italian taste to it (or is this how Sarsiado tastes like??). It was garnished with kangkong leaves, cucumber, tomatoes and onions.

The last dish was Sizzling Squid (P120) with yellow sauce (or is it gravy?). I love the fact that the squid was diced and very tender. It was served with mixed vegetables. The sauce blended well with the squid flavor so I was one happy diner! =)

Pardon the blurry photos. Blogger does that to photos uploaded in their site. Just check out my food photos HERE =) My final verdict on Avenida? If you want delicious comfort food at affordable rates, it's definitely one of the places to go to! Labsie and I surely come back to scour their menu for other hidden foodie gems. Till then!


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